Winter is coming, and along with it comes a brand new shooting game called Project: Holy Shield.

From developer Dogbox Studio and publisher Bulkypix, Project: Holy Shield “pays tribute to the genre of big guns, angry, super-powerful heroes, and blood-thirsty daemons.” Now if that doesn’t make your shoot-‘em-up senses tingling, perhaps the teaser video below, which includes in-game footage, will.

Project: Holy Shield is set in a post-apocalyptic world where daemons roam over most of the world freely. Battling these daemons are members of a secret organization known as Holy Shield. Think Men in Black, but for daemons rather than aliens.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

As the story goes, two Holy Shield members named Gabriel and Rachel happen to come across the most monstrous daemon there is. Now, they must first defeat the daemon’s slaves first before fighting the daemon himself. Needless to say, deadly havoc ensues.

Project: Holy Shield features three types of gameplay: TPS in Story mode, FPS in Hunt mode, and device-tilt in Vehicle mode.

All in all, it offers more than 20 different upgradeable weapons for fighting more than 15 enemies. What’s more, up to 40 entities can appear on-screen at the same time. Oh, holy Hades!

Also featuring immersive 3-D environments and 80s-style music by The Slaughters, Project: Holy Shied is set to break loose in the App Store soon. This winter. Which is coming.