A brand new pebbletastic world has just been added to the physics-based puzzle universe of Pebble Universe.

Pebble Universe is a physics-based puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. But unlike Angry Birds, the most popular physics-based puzzle game in the universe, Pebble Universe doesn’t involve hurling irked game characters from a sling.

Rather, Pebble Universe involves making the titular Pebbles collide with each other. That way, the debris resulting from the impact can destroy the Pebbles’ enemies, the floating soot-lump monsters.

As announced a couple of weeks ago, the new update to Pebble Universe adds a new world called The Factory.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

In The Factory, hundreds of Pebbles are locked up and stored as mere foodstuffs by the soot-lump monsters. As their rockin’ good friend, you have to rescue the Pebbles by, of course, literally putting them on a collision course.

Concurrent with the game’s update, the price of Pebble Universe has been dropped. From $0.99, Pebble Universe, which is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, is now available in the App Store for free.

The update also introduces a new and explosive type of Pebble called the Cluster Pebble. As well, the update includes extended support of languages. Regretabbly, though, the update does not deliver the game’s long-overdue Retina graphics for the third-generation iPad.