Isn’t competition great? In another sign that T-Mobile may soon be rewarded with the iPhone, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S. has announced the arrival of unlimited 4G data plans, according to AllThingsD.

Starting Sept. 5, T-Mobile will offer data plans that have “full-speed service regardless of the amount of data used.” Under the company’s current “unlimited” plans, speed is slowed down, or throttled, once a user hits a preset limit.

T-Mobile's New Plans Start Sept. 5

T-Mobile’s New Plans Start Sept. 5

For their new plans, the company plans on charging customers between $20 and $30 extra on top of their existing voice and data plans. This translates into monthly costs of anywhere between $69.99 and $89.99 per line.

T-Mobile is the only top-tier carrier that doesn’t sell Apple’s handset. However, nearly 1 million customers still use the iPhone on the company’s network. Those customers, unfortunately, are forced to use data at slow 2G speeds. With the new plans, T-Mobile plans to allow iPhones to run at full speed. In July, we reported that Apple may finally add T-Mobile to the list of iPhone carriers.

TmoNews was the first to uncover T-Mobile’s new plans. Click here for T-Mobile’s official announcement.

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Source: AllThingsD