Looking to add system level-functions, like “Respring” and “Power Off,” to your jailbroken iDevice’s Lock screen? Fortunately a new jailbreak tweak can easily add the aforementioned functions – and more – to a Cydia-powered iPhone quickly and easily, according to Jailbreak Nation.

The jailbreak tweak in-question is called “IconsLock,” and it’s currently available to download in the Cydia Store (via the BigBoss repository) for free. Once users have downloaded and installed the package, four system level-functions – “Respring,” “Power Off,” “Restart” and “Safe Mode” – will appear atop users’ Lock screens, and are available to activate direct from the Lock screen itself.

All the functions work well, save for “Reboot,” which actually powers-off the iDevice rather than restarting it. A further annoyance is the design of the functions’ Lock screen icons, which – while looking good – is somewhat confusing, as all the icons look relatively similar. However, after playing around with the tweak for a short while, jailbreakers should soon figure out which icon performs which action.

If you’re looking to enhance your iPhone’s Lock screen, consider checking out both Zeus and AnimateAll, which allow users to add a custom Lock screen icon and to customize the Lock screen’s appearance, respectively.

As mentioned, IconsLock is available to download in the Cydia Store for free. Take a look at the jailbreak tweak now, and for more information, check out the video walkthrough below.

(If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.)

Source: Jailbreak Nation