AppAdvice has teamed up with CryptoLab, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win a copy of CryptoBox ($2.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

CryptoBox is a productivity app that allows you to store all of your personal textual data, documents, and photos behind a 256-bit wall of encryption, so you can always feel confident about bringing it with you wherever you go.

After coming up with a secure password, you’re able to immediately start adding and categorizing all of your data. CryptoBox features three main categories, notes, pictures, and docs, and the ability to create subcategories in each one. This way you can store everything from credit card information and passwords to photos and documents without having to waste time digging around to find them. Also, categories and everything stuffed within them can be edited and reorganized at any time.

Caught red-handed.

All of the data stored within CryptoBox can be interacted with in a variety of ways. Photos can be viewed and zoomed in on using the usual pinch gesture. They can also be shared via email, or exported via iTunes File Sharing. CryptoBox allows you to view most common document formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, and PDF. All files can be exported via iTunes File Sharing as well, or you can print them off via AirPrint.

CryptoBox features a handful of additional security measures. For example, you can backup your data via iCloud or iTunes File Sharing, and it will be encrypted once again the moment you execute the action. The app also features an anti-panic gesture, allowing you to put your hand over your screen or put your iDevice up to your ear to cause it to automatically go back to the login screen. Not only that, if someone attempts to access CryptoBox and fails at guessing your password, it will snap a photo of the perpetrator and record the location of the event.

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Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both. Good luck!