A few months ago, we got a Kinect system. I was impressed with how closely the system followed movement and how precise the hand gestures could be. It was amazing. Equally interesting is how Pop Flux managed to turn my iPad into a similar gaming system. Buckle up folks, I’ve got a lot of great things to say about this app, and I don’t have enough space to say it in.

From the App Store page.

Pop Flux uses a front facing camera to track your movements while you pop the bubbles floating on the screen. You don’t physically touch the display at all. In fact, the game is best played while sitting back a few feet from the iPad. There are bombs, rockets, mines, and ninja stars that fall as well to take away your life points. As long as no movement is detected where the items are falling, you don’t lose a life. That’s the game in a nutshell.

I was blown away with how precise the motion detection is. You can slowly inch your way to a bubble surrounded by death items, and as long as your movement doesn’t touch the items, you’re still safe. There are plenty of higher levels that depend on a steady hand and arm to reach bubbles in difficult positions.

The second thing that stunned me was how many different patterns were designed involving the bubbles and bombs. It’s not like Fruit Ninja where the bombs and fruit going flying in random directions. There are many levels with definite patterns. How many levels are we talking about? Well, I watched my husband play through level 28. So, there’s plenty of fun to go around.

The third great feature was the price. I would seriously expect an app with this much work put into it to cost a few bucks in the App Store. Pop Flux would certainly be worth it. However, the kind developers saw fit to not charge for their epic game. It’s even universal. However, since you’re waving your arms and hands around to pop the bubbles, I highly recommend using the iPad for the game.

Really, there’s no reason not to download this app and give it a try. I usually feel stupid playing these sorts of games, but it was actually really fun. I’ve never played an iPad game that didn’t require me to touch the screen at all. I think we might be seeing a new future in how we game on our iDevices.

Pop Flux is a universal app that’s available for download from the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!