Sparrow, the popular Mail app alternative for iPhone, has received a modest, yet noteworthy update. Sparrow 1.3.2 now allows Web pages to be opened with Google’s Chrome app, instead of Apple’s mobile Safari.

Originally released for iOS in March after a successful release on OS X, Sparrow was purchased by Google in July.  Since then, many have worried that the mail client would soon be changed to suit Google’s tastes.

The change begins with this update. This is the first time to app has been updated since the purchase announcement to include changes that specifically make mention of Google or one of their apps.

Sparrow For iPhone 1.3.2

Sparrow For iPhone 1.3.2

New features include:

  • Webpages can be opened in Chrome
  • Improved IMAP compatibility
  • Improved avatars behavior
  • Various bugfixes

Sparrow and Chrome are available in the App Store.

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