Originally a jailbroken app (and a very popular one at that), TuneWiki debuted as a legit iOS app back in July 2009. But for some reason, it recently got pulled out of the App Store. Well, it turned out that TuneWiki had just undergone a major tune-up. The result: the brand new TuneWiki 4.0.

TuneWiki 4.0 is indeed a significant improvement on the app’s old version.

It looks spick and span. It works wonderfully. And it has lots of enjoyable features, some carried over from its previous iterations, some newly added:

  • The world’s largest database of scrolling lyrics to your stored library of music – in 40+ languages!
  • Share lyrics or photos with friends about the songs you love
  • Find top fans of the artists you like and follow them to get music recommendations
  • Unlimited Song ID with scrolling lyrics
  • Read artist bios and see their music history

The app’s main feature has always been its ability to display lyrics in sync with the song being played. And I’m glad to find that this feature is in top form in TuneWiki 4.0. It’s like having my very own mini-karaoke machine!

Designed for iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 5.0 or later, the new and improved TuneWiki is available now in the App Store for free.

After a not-so-brief absence in the App Store, TuneWiki is back with a sweet-sounding vengeance.