AppAdvice has teamed up with MoonGames, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win one of three $10 iTunes Gift Cards. The gift cards can be used towards anything you want from the App Store just as long as you promise to try out MoonGames’ brand new and completely free endless distance game, Cool Surfers.

Cool Surfers is the follow-up title to MoonGames’ original endless distance game, South Surfers. Like the original title, all you need to do is control the orientation of your surfer, but this time around you get to speed ahead on a jet ski with a shark in hot pursuit!

Ride into the sunset.

Your little penguin speeds ahead on his jet ski all by himself, so all you have to do is make sure he stays upright while traveling over the huge rolling waves. You’re able to control your penguin’s orientation by tilting your iDevice or utilizing on-screen buttons. Tapping and holding on the screen will provide your jet ski with a brief boost, but keep in mind that it is limited. You can refill your boost by performing flips and gobbling up the various creatures of the sea.

Just keep speeding ahead to try and outrun the shark that’s on your tail. You can add time to the clock by reaching new courses, which are indicated by giant icebergs in your path. The game includes a total of 30 courses that are randomly strung together, and each features dynamically generated waves. The game also includes leaderboards via Game Center.

To have a chance at winning one of our three $10 iTunes Gift Cards, all you need to do is give Cool Surfers a try and tell us what you think via the comments section below before 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight (August 6). We’ll then randomly choose our three winners and get in touch via email. This contest is only open to our readers with U.S. iTunes accounts. Good luck!

Shark bait! Hoo Ha Ha!