The upcoming iOS title Slingshot Junkyard sounds like a fun way to relieve some stress after a long day of work.

Combining 3-D graphics with one-finger puzzle gameplay, the main purpose of the app is to throw and crush cars. The faster you can do that, the more points you’ll score.

To fling cars, a player will be operating a customizable junkyard crane to fling the vehicles like toys. Along with fast sport cars, there will be busses, limousines, and more at your crushing disposal.

With Game Center support, junkyard owners from all over the world will be able to challenge each other for supremacy.

While the game looks to be a casual title, there will be some features to keep players coming back, like weekly leaderboards and challenges. And along with iCloud support so users can play on any of their iOS devices, it also offers special boosts for unique capabilities inside the game.

The game will be released on Thursday, Sept. 27 for the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac platforms. There is no word about price. We’ll keep you up to date with any additional news we hear. It sounds like a fun title, and I’m excited to play it.

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