The best journaling app just got better, some of our favorite apps have gone from paid to free, plus one must-have that will keep all your collectibles in perfect viewing order.

Day One – Journal: $4.99
The best journaling app around just got better with their latest update. Version 1.8 finally adds photos to the mix. Now as you write out your memories day by day, you can also attach a photo. Not only that, but weather and GPS information is now also pinned to your entries. If you haven’t tried Day One before try it now, and if you own it, make sure to update!

Favorite Freebies:
Harbor Master, the game where you guide boats safely into the harbor without crashing – if you can help it, has gone from $1.99 to free for a limited time. Another favorite, 360 Panorama is now also available as a freebie, but not for long.

Must Have Download: Pocketory
Do you have anything you collect? Pocketory will help you organize your collections with pictures and tags. That way you can view all your precious objects easily right from the app, or Then you can even share your collections if you’re feeling generous.