Today's Apps Gone Free: Cartoon ABC, Play Zone, Pomodoro Plus HD And More

Knowledge is power, but no one wants to learn when it's not enjoyable. So, let your kids have fun while practicing the alphabet, basic math, recognition, and creativity skills using the Cartoon ABC and Play Zone edutainment apps. As for you, get work done more efficiently with Pomodoro Plus HD, a task management tool that adds the advantage of the Pomodoro Technique.

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Expired (gone back to paid already):

Zombie Samurai ($0.99 → Free, 131.1 MB): Take the role of a sensei as he slices and dices the undead to protect his dojo and himself during the zombie apocalypse. This tower defense game features the ability to upgrade your dojo, campaign and endless gameplay modes, 15 different zombies, plus OpenFeint and Game Center integration.

Zombie Samurai is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 4-star rating with a total of 169 ratings.

Cartoon ABC ($2.99 → Free, 25.7 MB): Designed for ages two through five, Cartoon ABC combines the enjoyment of cartoon animations and a simple to use touch interface to help kids learn the alphabet. The app features every letter in both upper and lowercase, clear narrations, default and hidden cartoon animations, profiles, and stats.

Cartoon ABC is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 4-star rating with a total of 167 ratings.

Play Zone ($0.99 → Free, 28.9 MB): A virtual playground with six different edutainment zones that help kids practice recognition, creativity, basic math, and more. The app features colorful hand-drawn artwork, upbeat music, progress tracking, varying sets of basic math problems, and 100 differences to spot.

Play Zone is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 4-star rating with a total of 23 ratings.

Shoot The Zombirds ($0.99 → Free, 37.9 MB): This Halloween-themed game is all about saving the pumpkins from the evil zombirds. As those undead creatures of the sky soar overhead to pick up helpless pumpkins, use your bow and arrow to strike them down one by one until all is safe. The game features the ability to upgrade the main character with power-ups, plus challenging objectives and Game Center integration.

Shoot The Zombirds is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 1912 ratings.

Pomodoro Plus HD - Time Management Tool ($2.99 → Free, 69.2 MB): Enhance your productivity by utilizing this efficient task manager with pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro Technique helps you stay on task by requiring you to work in, by default, 25-minute intervals, which are separated by short breaks. Just choose a task, start the timer, and then work until you hear a sound. After the break, the process starts over again. The app tracks how many pomodoros you're able to complete in a day, week and month, as well as allows you to customize the durations and sounds.

Pomodoro Plus HD - Time Management Tool is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 3.5-star rating with a total of 36 ratings.

Speed U ($1.99 → Free, 4.2 MB): Launch your favorite apps, load your favorite web sites, call / text / email friends, plus adjust the screen brightness, activate the LED light, and scan QR codes all from a single list. The app features easy swipe and tap navigation with quick list editing.

Speed U is available for free today only (08/03). It has a 4-star rating with a total of 289 ratings.

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