After the announcement that TomTom is partnering with Apple to help bring a new Maps app to iOS, some wondered about the company’s own iOS apps. It seems older iDevice owners and anyone not upgrading to iOS 6 shouldn’t be concerned about being totally left out as TomTom is continuing to update their standalone universal apps.

In v1.10, TomTom integrated Facebook Places to make finding events and meeting up with friends even simpler. Taking the next step, v1.11 includes Foursquare access. Both members and non-members can search for places, although, members get automatic check-in on arrival, therefore, no missing out on points.

Promised to Europe commuters and travelers when v1.10 was released, TomTom v1.11 indeed features Danger Zones. A replacement for Speed Camera warnings in France, Danger Zones fully comply with the new transportation laws. Valid for the Europe and Western Europe TomTom apps, Danger Zone and Risk Zone updates are freely provided to Speed Camera subscribers.

For better planning and managing of your route, TomTom finally allows pasting an address from other apps, has made changing route type quicker, added a second tap requirement to close the menu on iPad to prevent accidental closures, and allows menu order customization.

The final improvements contained within v1.11 consist of stereo Bluetooth audio support with on and off toggle, plus no more data sharing warnings when accessing contacts from the iOS address book. TomTom reminds users “that the app never has and never will share any of your contact details with TomTom or anyone else.”

The TomTom iOS apps are compatible with iPad 3G, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later, and are available in the App Store as region specific coverage apps for $49.99 to $119.99, £49.99 to £79.99, and so on. Use of TomTom on iPod touch requires connection to a compatible GPS equipped mount, case, or adapter.