Most of the time, the notification-enhancing tweaks we talk about here aim to add stuff to banner notifications on the iPhone or iPad. However, a new jailbreak tweak called “SimpleBanners” promises to do the opposite – to simplify banner notifications on a jailbroken iDevice, rather than add to them.

Already, we’ve told you about ColorBanner and CoverMeNot, and even earlier today we mentioned MiniBanners, all of which promise to add to or even radically change banner notifications on an iPhone or iPad. But with SimpleBanners, an alternative kind of customization is offered.

Once downloaded and installed, users can choose what they don’t want to display in banner notifications. Removable aspects include practically everything: text, title, icon, name and sound can all be banished from future banner notifications on a jailbroken iPhone running SimpleBanners. As you might expect, configuration takes place via a new pane that’s added to the Settings app – once changes have been made, a respring brings them into effect.

If you’re interested in taking SimpleBanners for a spin, head on over to the Cydia Store. Currently, the jailbreak tweak is available to download for free.

(If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.)

Source: Jailbreak Nation
Via: iDownloadBlog