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AP Stylebook 2012 Nixes Previous Version, Goes Universal

Writers, editors, and students may be interested to know that the Associated Press has just released its brand new AP Stylebook for 2012. Unfortunately, the AP Stylebook 2012 is not an upgrade to the AP Stylebook 2011, so that $24.99 you paid for the 2011 version back in May of 2011? It's gone, along with the AP Stylebook 2011 app from the App Store. That's right, if you want to upgrade, you will need to shell out another $25 for the new content. It's not all doom and gloom though, as there is a bright side to all of this - AP Stylebook 2012 is a universal app, meaning you can download it on both your iPhone and your iPad. The 2011 version was iPhone only. Since the 2011 version has been removed from the App Store, make sure to hold on to a backup, since you can't download the app again if you have to reformat your device. Also, because the 2012 AP Stylebook is a standalone app, you're going to be losing all of your notes and saved data, because content can't be ported from the old app to the new one. A universal Stylebook is great, but is it worth ponying up yet another $25 for the 2012 version?
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