In an email sent out to one Aussie Apple fan, Scott Forstall indirectly announced that the Cupertino, Calif. company is in the process of adding the finishing touches to turn-by-turn for Australia. Hopefully, this should mean that the feature will hit Australian iOS 6-powered iDevices in the near future.

The same Mr. Forstall demoed the new Maps app at Apple’s iPhone event, a couple of days ago. As reported by ourselves:

The Maps app [...] has been rebuilt from the ground up. No longer powered by Google Maps, the iOS 6 Maps application features a 3-D mapping feature, and of course, turn-by-turn navigation. Both can be enabled from within the Maps app quickly and easily, and work great on an iOS 6-powered iDevice. It’s really exciting to see such an integral application gain new features and further improvements, and we can’t wait for the public launch of iOS 6.

The only problem, of course, for Aussie iPhone owners is that the brilliant turn-by-turn feature hasn’t yet been optimized for Australia. Though Scott Forstall’s comments seem to indicate that Apple is, indeed, in the process of adding the finishing touches to the feature, it’s perhaps quite likely that the feature still won’t work in Australia once iOS 6 launches for the general public on September 19.

We’ll keep you posted.

Source: 9to5Mac