Newcomers to the App Store in iOS 6 will now be confronted with a selection of Apple’s free apps, including Find My Friends and Find My iPhone, and will have the option of downloading all of the applications presented with one tap of a “Download Free” virtual button.

At the new App Store page, the following message is displayed:

To get the most out of your iPhone, we would recommend these free apps from Apple.

As 9to5Mac notes:

The promoted apps include only Apple’s free offerings, with no sign of paid apps such as the iLife or iWork suites. A “Download Free” button provides a one-tap installation of iBooks, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone.

Apple has revamped the App Store in iOS 6, just a few months after it passed its fourth birthday. An altered design, and changes made to the application download process, means iDevice owners will be able to enjoy a much improved App Store experience once iOS 6 becomes available on September 19.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

Source: 9to5Mac