With the iPhone 5 and its longer screen set to debut on Friday, Apple is said to be approving apps for the new handset at a “rapid pace.” Specifically, app updates specifically mentioning iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 as changes are seeing quicker turnarounds, according to The New Web.

Among the apps already updated for the new iPhone are Reeder, and the recently mentioned Tweetbot app. Netflix, according to a blog post, will “soon release an optimized version of this new experience for iPhone 5 to take advantage of the larger screen.”

Although current apps will work on the iPhone 5, these will be letterboxed if not updated. This, “presents a problem for developers, who will likely get inundated with poor reviews and complaints if they haven’t updated in time.”

As a reminder, iOS 6 launches tomorrow, Sept. 19, while the iPhone 5 arrives in stores two days later.

Source:  The New Web
Photo: Reeder, Tweetbot apps for iPhone 5