Apple announced the iPhone 5 today, but preorders won’t start until Friday, Sept. 14, with the first shipments going out on Sept. 21. If you need your Apple fix right away, though, don’t worry – Apple updated its entire lineup of iPods, and you can get them right now.

Check out the iPod section for a look at the all new colorful iPod nano and touch, which both come in a rainbow of fun colors. These are priced at $49 for the shuffle, $149 for the nano, $199 for the old touch and $299 for the new touch.

There’s also a section for the new iPhone 5, which includes the tagline “iPhone 5: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” You’ll find all of the features of the phone here. Get a good look so you’re ready for that preorder date this Friday.

You’ll also see just a hint of those crazy looking new earphones, dubbed the EarPod by Apple.

The online Apple Store isn’t back up yet for purchases, but it should be available soon.