PDF Expert for iPad, which happens to be my PDF reader and all-around document viewer of choice, has just received a significant update.

The update delivers a number of enhancements. But perhaps the most notable among these is the app’s added support for tabs.

A much requested feature, tabs in the app’s PDF viewer lets you switch easily between and across PDFs. Now you don’t have to go back from the PDF viewer to the documents view just to open a different PDF.

As expected, you can also alter the order of the tabs with a simple drag-and-drop action.

The update also brings the ability to store and use multiple signatures as well as fast syncing with Dropbox and other services.

In addition, the following improvements and fixes are included in the newly updated PDF Expert for iPad:

  • Destination choice on file download
  • Rename file by swipe in list view
  • Folder is added to file name if needed in Recents
  • Fixed 500 files limit in SugarSync
  • Fixed shared files in Google Docs
  • Fixed a crash in forms after a page was removed
  • Fixed replacing PDF via WebDav
  • Fixed tapping Documents with a focused form field

The new version of PDF Expert for iPad is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $9.99 download.