Foxconn employees worried about future rioting at their plant are now in luck, as Apple has introduced a new tool. The iShiv is available now in the Apple Store.

Not really.

The iShiv is a “new” Apple product dreamed up by Conan O’Brien. The funny man introduced a mock ad for the product on his late night talk show under the headline, “New Apple iShiv Revolutionizes Factory Riots.”

Take a look:

Earlier this month, Foxconn employees rioted over working conditions at the Taiyuan plant in China where most iPhone 5s are produced. The plant was forced to close for three days to repair damage to one of the iPhone lines. One report said that 10 employees died during the riot. However, Foxconn has since denied those claims.

In recent years, Foxconn has been accused often of providing poor working conditions for their millions of workers. In March, however, the company announced new workplace policies that they hoped would resolve this matter.

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