Just a couple of hours before Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage to announce the sixth-gen iPhone, potential evidence that the forthcoming handset will support LTE networks has surfaced online. In an article published recently by 9to5Mac, the website highlights a URL (http://apple.com/iphone/LTE) that now appears when users search for “iPhone LTE,” over at Apple.com.

Apple’s website

It could be that this link (which is dead) was added to the website some time ago, or that Apple potentially flipped the switch earlier today ahead of its iPhone event. Furthermore, we must note that the appearance of this URL doesn’t strictly confirm that the sixth-gen handset will support LTE – we’re not going to know anything for sure until Apple’s iPhone event is well underway.

Recently,┬áThe Wall Street Journal stuck its neck on the line and announced that the sixth-generation iPhone will support “global LTE.” In addition, the fact that Apple’s third-generation iPad supports LTE networks has led many to speculate that the company’s forthcoming handset will indeed be 4G-capable. For all of today’s news as it happens, be sure to follow our AppAdvice iPhone event live blog.

Source: Apple
Via: 9to5Mac