AppAdvice has teamed up with Van Hoa Nguyen in order to offer you a chance to win one of nine promo codes for VHChineseChess ($0.99) for iPad.

Probably the most popular and longest standing board game, Chess is enjoyed both casually and in intense professional competition around the world. For most of us, the game features a king, queen, bishops, knights, and so on in a Checkers-style setup. However, there are a few varieties, and the most popular variant being Xiangqi, or Chinese Chess.

The Chinese version consists of a general, advisors, elephants, horses, charlots, cannons, and soldiers in a bit more of a unique and somewhat staggered configuration constructed of lines instead of squares. Soldiers lead with cannons not far behind, then it’s a line of the executive pieces. Additionally, the general is limited to a small squared off area, even though he can move in any direction. All of this results in a similarly challenging Chess experience, but one that brings about new obstacles.

In VHChineseChess, you get to experience this strategic game in a several ways. You can play against an eight level difficulty AI, compete against a friend on the same device or local multiplayer, or conquer hundreds of different postures. As a bonus, VHChineseChess includes in-game statistics as well as three game board and four game piece color and texture choices.

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