If you’ve been waiting for Hueless‘ major update for this month, seeing as it’s received one for every month since its release last May, then wait no more.

Hueless has recently received an update. And just like the updates that came before it, this new one brings a number of new features for the popular black-and-white photography app.

The main attraction in this latest update is perhaps the addition of custom presets.

“Photographers tend to have their favorite ‘film styles’ and shooting preferences,” explains Hueless developer Curious Satellite. “Now you can save your most used adjustments to Exposure, Contrast & Color Filters and/or your preferred Aspect Ratio, Grid, Flash Mode and choice of front/back camera to a bank of four presets.”

In the new version of Hueless, you can switch between your last two presets used with a single tap.

The update also adds the ability to adjust the black/white balance of a contrast-adjusted image. Furthermore, the app’s alignment grids are reworked by the update to adapt dynamically with your chosen capture aspect.

Designed for iPhone (but not for iPhone 5, at least not yet), Hueless is available in the App Store for $1.99.

The new version of Hueless also brings iOS compatibility, which includes direct uploading to Facebook.