It has been a little more than a week since AppsGoneFree v2.0 went live, and we’ve seen great things happening. However, there’s always room for improvement. In v2.0.1, we’ve added support for the iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod touch’s larger Retina display, plus addressed the unfortunate glitch for iPad users.

Even though it took extra time, we know you’re really enjoying the daily serving of the best apps gone free from your iPad. The big screen definitely makes it easier to browse, select and consume, err, download those apps that interest you. Well, we’re doing the same for the iPhone 5 and 5G iPod touch. AppsGoneFree v2.0.1 delivers a full 1136×640 pixel plate of goodies for those with shiny new iDevices.

AppsGoneFree version 2.0.1 (iPad 2) - Main

Grab the goodies through your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Unfortunately, serving those delicious, no cost packages hasn’t gone exactly as we planned on the iPad. As many of you have likely noticed and asked about, the list hasn’t been refreshing by itself. Regrettably, this may have caused some of our happy followers to miss out on the latest treats, and we do sincerely apologize for that.

Thankfully, the automatic refresh problem has been corrected. Yay! No more manually stopping the process and relaunching the app to get the today’s choices. What a relief, right?

With the app update news out of the way, we do have one final thing, AppBump. The second major feature of AGF v2.0, AppBump allows you, the consumer who makes the world go ’round, to bring apps from the App Store shadows to free-dom. There has been a lot of involvement thus far, but we need more, lot’s more. So, here’s a quick highlight of Let’s Get AppBumping!

The amount of AppBumps we receive is really important because it’s what provides you, our readers, with sway in the huge ocean of apps that is the App Store. It’s what we use to convince developers that their app, whether new or old, is desired by all of our users and deserves a much bigger audience.

You can bump an app just by launching the new and improved AppsGoneFree, tapping that little AppBump icon in the top right corner of the screen, searching for your desired app by name, and then tapping the big green bump button. Rinse and repeat.

Keep in mind that the type of apps that should be bumped aren’t necessarily the top paid apps in the App Store like Angry Birds. We’re looking for apps that deserve to be rediscovered or those that didn’t have a big budget and failed to get the proper amount of recognition.

If you’re more of a visual person, you should also watch the AppBump introduction video, which has been embedded below. After a calm breath and putting aside a moment to take all of this information in, go get the free AGF update.

AppsGoneFree is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download.