The highly rated note-taking iPad app Index Card has been updated once again with a stack of improvements.

Used by professionals and ordinary productivity nuts alike, Index Card for iPad allows you to take notes as you would with actual index cards.

With the app’s familiar corkboard interface, you can record your ideas in little cards that you can lay out and reorder any way you want.

But if you’re not the skeuomorphic index card-loving kind, you can always choose Index Card’s outline or column view instead.

The app has recently received a major update. The update brings a laundry list of improvements, a few of which are similar to those included in last week’s update to Index Card for iPhone.

In the new version of Index Card for iPad, passcode protection and presentation mode are now supported. The former is easy enough to understand. But what exactly is presentation mode?

Presentation mode, as it is applied to the app, is so named because it is ideal for use during presentations. In this mode, the editing screen keyboard remains hidden as you swipe cards. The keyboard reappears only if you tap to type.

Index Card

The app now also supports three-card layout PDF export and manual or alphabetical project list sorting.

Moreover, tapping the lower toolbar of the project list popover now causes the list to scroll all the way to the bottom. Also, the card count is now displayed when viewing the back of card notes.

The following improvements are also included in the latest Index Card for iPad update:

  • Addressed issue where tapping Back button while editing Stack name did not save
  • Word count is now more accurate
  • If you click Done when viewing the project renaming screen, but don’t make changes, the screen will dismiss instead of alerting a duplicate name
  • Info > FAQ and Info > What’s New will now display correctly in landscape
  • Activity indicator for Help web view is now centering on screen for landscape
  • Fixed links in Tweet and Mail to point to new web site
  • Dropbox updated to v1 API libraries
  • Cards no longer fade in when dismissing the edit screen

Index Card for iPad is compatible with iOS 5 or later and is available in the App Store for $4.99.