While the newly introduced Lightning connector on the iPhone 5 has caused some grumbling for consumers who need an adapter to use 30-pin docking accessories, there might be some good news. According to Macotakara, the new connector may support USB hosting.

Why is that good you ask? If the report is true, users will be able to use a larger amount of accessories, like cameras, keyboards, MIDI controllers, external microphones, or any USB-capable device, if Apple offers the correct support.

With the add-on Apple iPad Camera Connection kit, users did receive limited USB support for digital cameras and keyboards. But the accessory didn’t work with iPhones.

The newly announced connector is 80 percent smaller and orientation independent. Bose, JBL, B&W, and B&O are already hard at work creating new docks and speakers with the connection.

And In an interview after the iPhone 5’s introduction Wednesday, Apple’s Phil Schiller said that it wasn’t possible to create thinner devices with the existing dock connector, forcing the change to the smaller Lightning plug. Schiller also said he expected the new connector to stick around for many years to come.

Source: Macotakara
Via: iDownloadblog