For the first time in 18 months, Fieldrunners for the iPhone/iPod touch has received an update. Version 1.6 includes a number of new features including the addition of full Retina display support.

Created by Subatomic Studios, Fieldrunners is a tower defense game featuring soldiers, each with a gaggle of new tricks. Your job is to defeat the enemy, and thereby save the world.

According to Jamie Gotch, CEO of Subatomic Studies:

Not only did we completely redraw the artwork in a higher resolution for the Retina display, but we also added the full soundtrack for the first time ever on iPhone, and added support for 32-bit colors [on the iPhone 4 and up] to give fans richer environments, enemies, and towers.

Fieldrunners 2

New features include:

  • Epic graphics update – full Retina support!
  • All new soundtrack so you can defend in style!
  • Glorious battles shine in 32-bits for iPhone 4 and up!
  • Adjustments for super precise controls!
  • Double tap to zoom for quicker movements!
  • Optimizations make the game run faster!

For a limited time, Fieldrunners is available for $0.99. Fieldrunners for iPad ($7.99) is also available. Meanwhile, be sure to check out Fieldrunners 2 for iPhone.

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