Drop Out Adventures HD ($0.99) by DIGITAL POKE LABS IT SOLUTIONS LLP is a physics-based game that will have you dropping out of society in order to finish the game. Toss cute “Furrie” balls at cute Furrie squares to win the game.

Drop Out Adventures HD by DIGITAL POKE LABS IT SOLUTIONS LLP screenshot

This adorable app is the iPad-optimized version of the game with the same name. Players must toss little round Furries, called “Boos,” across the room and into a pile of friends that are of varying shapes and sizes. The strategically stacked Furries want to be freed of their mound so they can drift happily to the unseen adventure below.

To push the pile of Furries off their platform, toss a blue Boo at the right spot in the stack. Touch the screen with one finger and drag it backward so that the Boo will virtually slingshot across the room. If you’ve aimed well, the blue guy will knock over his friends in such a way that everyone will be rescued from their oppressive mass.

Tossing a blue Boo costs 5 points. Players earn points for rescuing the trapped fuzz balls. Each one gives a different amount of points. The smaller ones are worth five points, while larger ones that are more difficult to knock off of the platform are worth 20 points. Players must meet a point score to complete a level. There may be 50 points worth of Furries on the screen, but you might only need 30 points worth.

Each level has some obstacle that makes saving the Furries difficult. For example, on some levels, there are red Furries that will subtract points from your score if they fall off of the platform.

This game is extremely challenging. The original version, which came out in March of this year, was even harder to play. Luckily, the developers heard my cries of pain and offered some helpful ways to get through the game without totally simplifying it.

Now, players can skip a level if it is too difficult to complete. You start with two free skips and can add more through in-app purchases. You can also buy stars that will allow you to unlock new worlds if, like me, you can’t seem to get very far on your own.

This is a fantastic game and it is great to see that the developers have given us an iPad version. The graphics are cute, the puzzles are challenging and the overall atmosphere of the game is good, clean fun. If you are a fan of challenging physics-based puzzle games, then you should pick this up.