Save the Date - anniversary reminder by OPONITI Inc icon

Save the Date – anniversary reminder ($2.99) by OPONITI Inc is a beautiful little app that helps you remember the days that should matter for your friends and family. This app is a bit similar to that of Birthday Box, which also won an Honorable Mention title just a week ago. However, you can actually do more with Save the Date than Birthday Box, which was limited to, well, birthdays.

Save the Date - anniversary reminder by OPONITI Inc screenshot

The first thing that the app will prompt for is if you want to use Facebook Connect, though this is actually optional. Save the Date can be used without Facebook integration — this is only there if you want to keep track of your friends’ birthday information, which is more than likely already on their profile. You can select all of your friends, or go through and handpick each one.

The main screen can be divided into four sections: All Occasions, Facebook Event, Contacts Event, or Custom Event. Viewing each one of these allows you to see a photo for the person or event, as well as a countdown of how many days are remaining until the event.

You can add new events, such as anniversaries, by tapping on the + button. Doing this gives you space to enter a title for the occasion, pick when it happens, and add a note. You can also customize it with a photo. Viewing an event will give you options to send that person a message through SMS, email, Facebook wall post, or even a phone call.

Save the Date - anniversary reminder by OPONITI Inc screenshot

While the app looks good at first glance, I’ve been having a lot of problems with crashing on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6. It began when I tried to “Manage Occasions” from the settings, and then after that, the app has not wanted to cooperate at all. I also logged out of Facebook and tried to log back in, only for the app to get stuck on “Import Contacts” and boot me back to my home screen. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times, only to encounter the same screen glitch every time. Even a reboot of my entire device did not fix the problem.

I really wanted to like the app and try it out more, but it has turned out to be one of the buggiest apps I’ve ever encountered. You’re better off saving your $3 for now and going with something that works, such as Birthday Box for birthdays, or Last Time for other memorable events.