Over three years after its launch on the Web through the initiative of Rainn Wilson of “The Office” fame, SoulPancake has finally made its way to iOS. And the result is quite yummy, if I do say so myself.

SoulPancake, as the app’s concise App Store description states, is “a place to talk about stuff that matters – a community of people figuring out what it means to be human. Join a conversation about life, death, love, purpose, spirituality, creativity, or any other big idea you want to tackle.”

Given that its source website’s slogan is “Chew on life’s big questions,” SoulPancake for iOS also lets you engage in meaningful conversations about a variety of topics.

SoulPancake for iPhone

After logging in to the app with your SoulPancake or Facebook account, you can easily enter an existing conversation or start a new one. You can start a conversation about a question, quote, video, link, or picture.

SoulPancake for iOS, which is currently optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, is synced with the eponymous website. So, anything you ask from your iOS device is sure to show up on the website as well.

Featuring a friendly interface, SoulPancake for iOS is available now in the App Store for free. Download it now and get chewin’!