According to the numbers at this morning’s event, Apple has sold 84 million iPads, an incredible number for a product that didn’t even exist a few years back. In total, Apple’s managed to sell 400 million mobile devices.

These sales numbers, along with the release of the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 had many convinced that Apple might possibly announce the much coveted iPad mini during it’s Sept. 12 event.

Sorry to all the wishers, hopers, and dreamers out there. There was no hint of a miniature tablet at the event, and no mention at all of a possible release date.

There were also rumors circulating that Apple might refresh its line of iMacs at this event, but no such luck. This event was all about the iPhone and the iPod lineup, which was also refreshed.

iPad mini rumors are still going strong, however. Many people believe that Apple will host yet another event in October, but two events in two consecutive months would be very unusual.

What do you think? Does the absence of an iPad mini at today’s event prove that Apple isn’t working on a smaller tablet? When will we see it?