Some early drop and durability testing on the iPhone 5 is showing Apple has designed a pretty durable handset.

While I’m still cradling my just-delivered iPhone 5 like a newborn baby, 9to5Mac teamed up with smartphone repair outlet iFixYouri to put the handset through some interesting torture tests.

Here’s the complete video. Click here if you can’t see the video.

First, iFixYouri attempted to scratch the screen with a razor blad but was unsuccessful. Next, they attempted a series of real-word drop situations with a caseless iPhone. The handset did quite nicely after being dropped from knee, waist, and chest high (even though the sound of the handset hitting the hard surface made me shudder.)

A drop from shoulder high did bend the frame around the phone a bit. And it took a few, purposeful drops from more than five feet high to break the iPhone’s Gorilla Glass screen, which is very nice to see.

While I’m glad to see the handset hold up so well, I’m still planning on using a case. If you’re looking for some case options, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my roundup of iPhone 5 cases. And take a look at all of our complete iPhone 5 coverage.

Source: 9to5Mac