Sketch Club, a popular universal iOS drawing app, has just welcomed a number of significant improvements to its growing club of features.

Our very own Jorge MacSwiney aka MacSorro, whom we formally introduced last month as AppAdvice’s “iOS Artist in Residence,” swears by Sketch Club. When it comes to drawing with his iDevices, Sketch Club is his trusty weapon of choice. For a demonstration of his digital art creative process using Sketch Club, you can watch the video below showing an impressive sketch of “The Dark Knight Rises” antagonist Bane.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

No doubt, MacSorro, along with Sketch Club’s other users, is delighted that his favorite drawing app has just received a rather huge update.

The update delivers a good many improvements, but a couple of these stand out for their boosting of the app’s built-in social component. Certainly, Sketch Club isn’t called a club for nothing.

In the new version of Sketch Club, you can now do chat and live streaming while sketching. You can chat with other users in a general chatroom or switch to a specific one. You can also broadcast your work in progress in real time by having your very own stream, in which others can watch as you draw as well as chat with you.

The update also introduces a new reference image feature for iPad. This new feature lets you superimpose a separate image on your canvas. That way, you can refer to it as you draw. You can even pick colors directly from it just by tapping and holding on a spot on the reference image. Hey, you can use this new feature to refer to a picture of Bane as you draw your own Bane sketch to match MacSorro’s.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Furthermore, the update improves the app’s pressure sensitivity and adds several brush upgrades.

The app now has support for the Pogo Connect and Jaja styli. Also, when the app detects a connected pressure-sensitive stylus, it automatically changes the Velocity brush settings to Pressure

In addition, the app now has a Retina-optimized brush preview, new Scatter and Taper brush settings, improved smoothing, and faster rendering for large brushes.

The newly updated Sketch Club also revises the app’s gestures for resetting canvas zoom and rotation settings. Now, a three-finger tap resets zoom only and a four-finger tap resets rotation. To reset both in one go, just do a quick pinch.

Speaking of canvas rotation, you can now choose to have it enabled, disabled, or delayed. The delayed mode is recommended if you prefer to keep the canvas at a particular angle while zooming or panning.

Finally, the update adds smoothing and tapering of pen strokes, restriction of community access for schools and parents, and some bug fixes.

Whew! Is this a huge update or what?

Of course, this is a free update for all existing Sketch Club users. But the new version of Sketch Club is available now in the App Store for $2.99 for new users who’d like to become the next MacSorro or iPicasso.