In all likelihood, Zinio is facing a considerable amount of competition with the recently launched unlimited-access magazine app Next Issue. It’s only to be expected, then, for the pioneering magazine app to proceed along its path of continual improvement.

Just a few hours ago, a new update was pushed to the app, bringing with it a couple of significant improvements.

First, the popular magazine app for iPhone and iPad has finally gained support for push notifications.

Now you can get notified of new issues across your Zinio magazine subscriptions via push or through Notification Center.

To take advantage of this new feature on your iDevice, just open the Settings app, select Notifications, and enable notifications within the Zinio pane. Or you can just tap “OK” instead of “Don’t Allow” when asked whether you’d like to turn on notifications after opening the updated app itself.

Zinio for iPhone

The other significant improvement brought by the new update affects Zinio’s iPhone edition only, which happens to be something Next Issue notably lacks.

Zinio for iPhone now boasts a new iPhone-optimized newsstand. Here you can browse Zinio’s wide-ranging selection of magazines from around the world. Of course, you can opt for subscriptions or single issues only if you find a magazine that you like.

The newly updated Zinio for iPhone and iPad is available now in the App Store for free.

Disappointingly, though, the new version of the app is prone to crashing. So, if you don’t mind not having push notifications and an iPhone-optimized newsstand just yet, you might want to wait for a more stable patch before updating Zinio on your iDevice.