Nearly a month after launching their virtual wallet app in iOS 6, Passbook, Apple is preparing to bring it to the company’s retail stores. Before the end of October, Apple employees with EasyPays will have the ability to capture Apple Store payment card codes from customer iPhones and iPod touches running Passbook, according to 9to5Mac.

According to the report, Apple also plans on releasing a “consumer-facing Apple Store app update” to support Passbook-based Apple Store cards. However, a release date for this functionality isn’t known.

First implemented in 2011, EasyPay lets users scan a product’s barcode in an Apple retail store, and pay for the item within the app using an iPhone. However, this feature can only be used when purchasing accessories. This limitation, however, could be removed thanks to Passbook.

They state:

The differentiator here is the higher limit for a gift card, so customers could pay for their new iPhones, iPads, iPods, or even Macs with their current iOS 6 mobile device via an Apple Store employee.

Hopefully, both of these solutions will soon be available to customers. When they are, we’ll certainly let you know.

Source: 9to5Mac