Wouldn’t it be awesome to be at today’s keynote? Well, if you have a computer or an Apple TV, you’re in luck. You can watch the keynote live on Apple’s website or in a new app on your Apple TV.

Upon opening the new app, the description instructs users to tune in and watch the keynote live, with the title reading “Apple Special Event – LIVE.”

As you can see in the above image, my Apple TV now has a pretty little keynote icon sitting in the middle of the screen. When I launch the new Apple Events app, today’s keynote information is displayed.

Click to enlarge.

Apple hasn’t offered a live video stream of its events in several years, so this is definitely exciting. If you have an Apple TV and are up to date on its software, turn it on and let us know if you see the new app, or just watch it in your browser.

You can also join us for our live coverage from the event by clicking here.

Via: MacRumors