Beware if you’re planning on purchasing a handset and service with AT&T anytime soon. Engadget has confirmed with AT&T that the carrier is cutting its returns and service cancellation window from 30 to 14 days effective tomorrow.

With the changes, consumers will be able to terminate their service only up to 14 days after activation. After that, AT&T’s early termination fee will apply.

Purchases made today will still fall under the 30-day return period. And Engadget’s tipster said that there might be some type of grace period until November as a courtesy for users.

And there is at least a little bit of good news for California residents. Because state law mandates a 30-day return period for purchases, these new rules from AT&T apparently won’t apply.

While I’m not exactly thrilled to see AT&T make this change, fellow iPhone carriers Verizon and Sprint both have the same 14-day policy in place for returns and service cancellation. And at least AT&T didn’t make this change right before the introduction of the iPhone 5.

So if you’re planning on changing providers, it definitely pays to do your homework before making a purchase. Will this new policy make you think twice before choosing AT&T?

Source: Engadget