Looking to have some fun while helping a poor guy named Pepe? Then download Pepe’s Conchita Fly Fury, pronto.

Pepe’s Conchita Fly Fury is the latest casual game from popular iOS game publisher Bulkypix.

In the game, you help poor Pepe take care of a cow named Conchita.

Contrary to what the title indicates, Conchita doesn’t belong to Pepe. Rather, she belongs to Pepe’s boss, Bernardo.

Pepe is tasked by Bernardo to keep Conchita in a good mood. How? By swatting the flies that keep landing on Conchita’s hide.

It’s imperative that you aid Pepe in his task. That’s because the more flies you swat, the better Conchita’s mood becomes. And the better Conchita’s mood is, the better Pepe’s chances are of not being fired by Bernardo.

Pepe’s Conchita Fly Fury

Pepe’s Conchita Fly Fury is not a simple matter of swatting flies, though. You must also make sure not to swat the other types of insects, or it’s game over.

Also, Conchita tends to become irritable if you don’t get to swat flies quickly. Needless to say, it’s not enough that you do your job. You have to do it fast.

You can download Pepe’s Conchita Fly Fury now in the App Store as a free, ad-supported universal game. Vamonos!