What’s your inner spirit animal? Find out whether you’re a boar, an eagle, a dragon, or all of these at once in Totem Runner.

As the second part of its name suggests, Totem Runner is yet another addition to the ever-growing genre of endless runners. But Totem Runner is definitely neither a typical Temple Run clone nor a slipshod Canabalt wannabe.

Published by Chillingo, Totem Runner is an endless runner that, as the first part of its name suggests, involves a bit of totemism.

In Totem Runner, you play as a warrior who has risen in order to save the world from succumbing to an all-consuming darkness. To do so, you must be able to shape-shift at all the right moments along your perilous journey.

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Totem Runner lets you transform into a wild boar, a mighty eagle, or a fearsome dragon and back to your human self. Knowing when to change form is critical, since the fate of the world depends on how far and how long you can sustain your run.

Designed for both iPhone (with iPhone 5 support) and iPad, Totem Runner is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

Containing five challenging chapters, Totem Runner also features silhouette-style graphics and haunting music that lend themselves well to the game’s mystical themes.