SEGA is continuing to make my month. In a blog post today, the company announced that one of the all-time best Dreamcast console games, Crazy Taxi, will be flying to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch sometime in October.

If you haven’t heard of Crazy Taxi, be prepared for a wild ride – literally. Originally made for arcades, it was ported over to the ill-fated Dreamcast console in 2000. Players are tasked with picking up customers and taking them to their chosen destination as fast as possible.

Taking place in a hilly city with some striking similarities to San Francisco, I spent many hours crashing and speeding my way to glory. And I am thrilled to get the chance to relive the title on my iOS devices.

Not much more is known about the game short of the release date sometime this month announced in the laughably short teaser trailer. Click here if you can’t see the video.

Earlier this month, SEGA released my current game of the moment, Zaxxon Escape. Taking a large dose of inspiration from the 1980s arcade game that ate large amounts of my money, Zaxxon Escape is a well thought out endless runner that brings a new twist to the genre that has overtaken the App Store.

I was a little disappointed, like our own Lory Gil said in her review, that Zaxxon Escape wasn’t a pure port. But after playing with an open mind, I’ve really enjoyed it.