Crow is a great game that dares you to “soar beyond your deepest fears.” So, it’s only natural for Crow to receive a spooky update in celebration of the so-called festival of fears.

Released in the wild that is the App Store last April, Crow is an exploration game that is born out of an immersive storyline.

In the game, you play as the titular black bird. You fly across various landscapes in your quest to vanquish the ancient guardians that have been terrorizing your kind.

Developed by Sunside Games with its proprietary Radiance engine, Crow exhibits truly impressive graphics. It also features a musical score that swoops down, crow-like, on the proceedings.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Just in time for Halloween, Sunside Games has updated Crow with what it calls “Halloween candy and goodies.”

What this means is that, in the special Halloween-themed version of the game, you can play with candies instead of the usual trinkets. What’s more, any candy you collect is worth double points. In addition, there are pumpkins everywhere in the game.

Note that the Halloween-themed version of Crow is playable until Oct. 31 only.

Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, but not yet optimized for iPhone 5, Crow is currently available in the App Store only $0.99. That’s four dollars less than its usual price, so grab it now as a special Halloween treat to yourself.