Tapbots has just updated Netbot, its version of Tweetbot for App.net, with, most notably, push notifications. Well, tigerbears has also updated Felix, its very own App.net client. Not with push notifications, though, since they’ve been supported by the app since its release last month. Rather, Felix has been updated with a number of other improvements.

Perhaps the most notable inclusion in the newly updated version of Felix is the ability to cross-post to the very social network that App.net is an alternative for. I am, of course, talking about Twitter.

To be able to cross-post to Twitter from Felix, you must first enable access to your Twitter account through the iOS Settings app. Then, just tap and hold on the “send” paper airplane icon after you’ve composed a post to publish it on both App.net and Twitter.

The new version of Felix also includes support for TextExpander when composing a post — provided you have the TextExpander app installed, obviously.

Felix for App.net

Moreover, Felix now has its own URL scheme, which uses the felix:// prefix. Click here to see the full list of URL structures you can use with Felix.

In addition, the updated Felix for App.net carries the following improvements:

  • Log out from third-party services more easily.
  • Choose from the new “Micro” and “Legendary” content font sizes.
  • Fixed a bug that could slow Felix down after many sessions between restarts.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause draft posts to not post as a reply.
  • As always, various and sundry bug fixes and bits of polish.

Designed for iPhone and optimized with iPhone 5 support, Felix for App.net is available in the App Store for $4.99.