Though it’s already possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an iPad, one new jailbreak tweak allows users to also hook-up a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad to a jailbroken iDevice. The tweak is called “BTC Mouse & Trackpad,” and it’s available to download in the Cydia Store now.

As Dom explains in the below video, the $4.98 jailbreak tweak makes it possible to easily connect a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad to a jailbroken iPad. Just download BTC Mouse & Trackpad, enable the jailbreak tweak in the Settings app and connect your mouse or trackpad, and you’ll be good to go. A small, black mouse icon will appear on the iPad’s screen, which you’ll be able to use in order to interact with your iPad’s screen.

Configuration options are available in the Settings app, and users can set up the mouse to perform a number of actions (like switching between slides, or revealing the multitasking tray).

All in all, BTC Mouse & Trackpad is an impressive jailbreak tweak. Take a look at our walkthrough video below, or instead head over to the Cydia Store and check out the tweak yourself. As mentioned, BTC Mouse & Trackpad is available for $4.98 via the BigBoss repository.

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