Letterpress, which we originally reviewed last week, has taken the gaming world by storm.

If you’re not familiar with Letterpress, it is a competitive word puzzle game that pits you against other players – friends or strangers – spelling words on a 5×5 letter board. The goal is to take over all of the letters, scoring more points than your opponent.

This free app has been downloaded thousands of times in just a few days, and it’s so popular that it’s the first game that has brought rampant Game Center connectivity issues to light.

There’s even a new tumblr dedicated just to Letterpress, covering words that should be added to the Letterpress dictionary, which is noticeably lacking some basic vocabulary.

While some suggestions are relevant tech words like iPad and Tweetie (Letterpress creator Loren Brichter’s original app), other words like mitigators and Saturday are missing from the app.

Have you run into words that should be added to Letterpress? If so, you can submit them to the tumblr site or to the accompanying Twitter account @add2letterpress. Make sure to share them here on AppAdvice, too!