Pulse, one of my favorite news reading apps, is continuing to grow. In the two years since the app was introduced, the company now boasts more than 20 million users who read 10 million stories per day – or 300 million per month.

After arriving on the iPad back in 2010, the app expanded to the iPhone and other mobile platforms. The developers also recently introduced a very nice looking Web-based app.

Those numbers are up substantially from a year ago, where more than 15 million users were reading around 250 million stories every month. More than 4 billion stories have been read since the app’s inception.

And with the large user base, the company is introducing Pulse Insights, a monthly report that will highlight interesting data regarding news consumption by its users.

The Next Web talked to co-founder Akshay Kothari, who said he  hopes that the data will help the overall news industry tackle its difficult challenges:

“By sharing insights inferred from collective reading across the Pulse community, we hope to help expand the conversation around news and information,” adds Kothari. “We hope to spur the worldwide communities of readers, publishers, authors, journalists, and technologists to even greater innovation.”

Pulse is available as a separate iPhone/iPod touch and iPad app. Pulse News for iPhone and Pulse News for iPad are both available in the App Store now for free.

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