Social reading app Readmill has just turned the page on its newest and best version yet.

Readmill is an e-reading app for iPad that prides itself on offering a distraction-free way to read. This, while also offering a distinctly social layer to the proceedings.

With Readmill, you can highlight and share passages with your friends and followers on the network through the app’s dedicated sidebar.

Also, you can spark conversations with other readers as well as discover new books to read through them.

Now at version 3.0, Readmill is improved with subtle touches to its reading interface. More notably, though, it is improved by the addition of PDF and Adobe DRM ePub to its register of supported formats.


PDF is, of course, a widely known file format used across countless applications. Adobe DRM ePub, on the other hand, is arguably the most common format among e-reading apps.

Nook and Kobo for iOS have also begun supporting Adobe DRM ePub. Don’t expect iBooks and Kindle to follow suit, though, as each has its own non-Adobe DRM protection system.

Also including the ability to highlight across pages, Readmill 3.0 is available now in the App Store for free.