Minecraft Skin Studio by 57Digital Ltd ($1.99, 19.2 MB): Design your own Minecraft skins with this app. You can also browse and download tons of skins from the app. The app also lets you upload skins that you create as well.

PonPon! by PonPon HD (Free, 46.4 MB): In PonPon! you must bump your opponents out of the island using various equipment. The game offers three different controls modes including touching the surroundings, using the joystick, or tilting the device. The game features 10 different types of savages, 18 different types of equipment, and more.


Ever2Drop – FileCrane for Evernote and Dropbox by ablecomputer Inc. ($4.99, 13.6 MB): Ever2Drop is a powerful file manager designed for Evernote and Dropbox users. You can use it to easily organize files and notes in your accounts. You can also exchange data between Evernote and Dropbox. The app allows you to preview notes, create notebooks, and more.

Beam me up by Realise Digital (Free, 15.8 MB): If you happen to be a Star Trek fan then this is the app for you. You can view video cast interviews of William Shatner, George Takei, and Leonard Nemoy. The app allows you to beam up your friends with the augmented reality feature.

Pass the Torch by Pass the Torch LTD (Free, 7.3 MB): Pass the Torch is a unique game where you must pass a torch to other people with text, an image, or a video. As the relay continues you will eventually see a video of all the content all at once. The torch burns out in 24 hours so you have to try and pass it to as many people as possible.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?