One of the more popular task management apps for iOS has recently received an update. Unfortunately, not everyone will be pleased with 2Do: Tasks Done in Style version 2.8.

For the first time, the app no longer supports Outlook Sync for Windows, or iCal Wi-Fi Sync for Mac. Support for both of these services was dropped largely due to a changing technology landscape that now includes iCloud, plus other factors.

This news, however, really shouldn’t have come as a surprise. In June, the company announced that they would be removing both syncing tools with the next app update.

2Do: Other syncing tools available

2Do: Other syncing tools available

In offering a workaround solution, 2Do states:

If you’re on Windows: we have heard that Outlook is able to sync with your iCloud account. If this is the case, you should be able to simply sync 2Do with iCloud; and you should then still be able to use Outlook with 2Do.

On the Mac, we now have 2Do available on the Mac App Store natively. We’re sure you’ll love how seamlessly 2Do on iPhone / iPad / iPod syncs with 2Do on Mac using a number of cloud-sync solutions: iCloud, Dropbox, Toodledo.  Those who don’t wish to purchase the Mac app can simply sync 2Do 2.8 with iCloud, and will be able to view their tasks in the iCal reminders sidebar (Lion) and the native Reminders app (Mountain Lion).

To keep the app’s Outlook and iCal syncing capabilities, users can also refrain from updating, However, this should only be viewed as a temporary solution.

Originally launched for iOS in 2011, 2Do: Tasks Done in Style is also available for Mac. Simply called 2Do, the application recently launched in the Mac App Store for $29.99.