Glaze, which we previously highlighted here on AppAdvice as a hidden gem of a photo editing app, has just received its first update. And this update is just picture-perfect.

Glaze, as its name suggests, is a universal iOS app that “covers” your photos with a glaze or a similar finish. Effectively, it makes your photos look like paintings with a variety of artistic glazing styles.

You can easily choose from a number of preset styles in the app’s Studio mode. Alternatively, you can switch to Workshop mode and get creative with your own styles.

As a matter of fact, 30 new styles have just been added through the app’s first ever update. Six of these are free, while the other 24 are available via in-app purchase.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

But perhaps the most notable addition in the latest version of Glaze is its support for full-resolution output. Now supporting up to 21 MP images, Glaze allows you to make images worthy of poster-sized, museum-quality printing.

The new version of Glaze also comes with Sincerely postcard integration, inter-app image sharing through Photo App Link, metadata retention, and better color shading and anti-aliasing.

Now also optimized for iPhone 5, Glaze is available in the App Store for free until Friday, Nov. 23. It’s normally priced at $2.99, so grab it now and start glazing your photos in grand style.